Sungjae Lee

Software Engineer at NAVER Cloud

About Me

I’m a software engineer at NAVER Cloud. I’m interested in machine learning and backend engineering.

Programming Languages : C/C++, CUDA C/C++, Python

Simulation Tools : gem5, MARSSx86, DRAMsim3

Backend Development : Kubernetes, Linux



Software Engineer

2023.01 - present


Software Engineer

2020.12 - 2022.12


Yonsei University

2019.03 - 2021.02

M.S. in School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Yonsei University

2013.03 - 2019.02

B.S. in School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering



LLM from NAVER specialized in Korean language


ML Training Platform on Kubernetes


Lightweight Neural Network Benchmarks


Hyperscale AI, ‘HyperCLOVA’ serving (DEVIEW 2021)


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Scholarships and Awards

Scholarship for combined BS/MS program (Yonsei University, Full tuition for master course, Mar. 2019 - June 2020)

4th Place Award (Korea Auto-Vehicle Safety Association (KASA), Autonomous Car Racing in 2017 International Student Car Competition)

Honors Student Award (Yonsei University, Mar. 2013 / Sep. 2017)